Mastering the art of ramen soup

Original tare and oils made to enhance ramen

At, we make authentic ramen tares and oils from scratch. We’ve carefully crafted over 50 original tare and oils to that can be easily combined to create a unique ramen soup.

5 Elements for the Perfect Ramen Bowl


Tare is a key element to control the taste of ramen


What We Offer


Make your own kaesi

Customize a unique Kaesi for your ramen business. Use our tare and oils to create unique flavor combinations.


Customer Feedback

KAESI Lab v1.0 collects and analyzes customer feedback to understand the best flavor combinations for your guests.


Order Online

Adjust the flavors and taste based on your customer flavor profiles and easily order online – with no minimum.

Ramen Workshop


Visit our ramen workshop to try our original tare and aroma oils. We invite you to experience our modern approach to ramen